The " Pistobar ®" obeys at the constraints of a law known as Seveso II which prohibits to use on deflagrating products in the medium à risks. This gun do not have any electric element.


The "Pistobar ® "

His characteristics: the gun stops himself when the barrel is full by its automatic stops. Finish the barrel overflow!!

For strong alcohols, all the parts in contact are of stainless steel. The body is in POMC for wine or others liquids.

Thanks its removable adaptable foot to all kinds of horizontal barrels, the" Pistobar ®" can function by gravity or with all types of pumps with a by-pass.

The " Pistobar ® ", being automatic stop, alows the user to carry out other work during the filling of one or more barrel. With its design it generate an only little foam..


No element not slowwing the passage of the liquid, thus offering a more important flow (according to your pump), you allowing for example to fill a 325 to 345 liters barrel in a little more of 3 minuts.




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